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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2024 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
All Rights Reserved.
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‘F’ Companies

Fables Pictures, Incorporated
Fairmount Film Company
Fairmount Productions
Falcon Features
Famous Authors
Famous Players Film Company
Famous Players-Lasky British Producers, Limited
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Famous Players-Lasky Film Company
Famous Players-Mary Pickford Company
Farra Feature Productions
Favorite Players Film Company
FBO Pictures Corporation
F.B.O. Pictures Corporation of Canada
F.B. Warren Corporation
Feature Film Corporation
Feature Pictures
Feature Productions, Incorporated
Features Ideal, Incorporated
Federal Photoplays, Incorporated of California
The Federated Film Exchange of America, Incorporated
F-4 Picture Corporation
Fiction Pictures
Film Ambrosio
Film Art Productions
Film Arts Guild
Film Attractions Company
Film Booking Offices
Film Booking Offices of America, Incorporated
Film Clearing House, Incorporated
Film Company of Ireland
Le Film d’Art
Film d’Arte Italiana
Filmfabrikken Danmark
Filmfabrikken Skandinavien
Le Film Français
Film Guild Cinema
The Film Guild, Incorporated
Film Guild Productions
Filmindustri Aktiebolaget Skandia
Film-Industrie Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Film National
Film Releases of America
Films Abel Gance
Films Albatros
Les Films Armor
Films Diamant
Films Lloyds, Incorporated
Les Films Louis Nalpas
Film Supply Company of America
The Fine Arts Film Company
Fine Arts Pictures
Fireside Productions, Incorporated
First Division Distributors, Incorporated
First Division Pictures, Incorporated
First National Exhibitors’ Circuit, Incorporated
First National Pictures, Incorporated
Flora Finch Film Company
Florence Vidor Productions
Florentine Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated
The Florida Film Corporation
Folly Films
Fordart Films, Incorporated
For-Day Productions
Forum Films, Incorporated
Forward Film Distributors, Incorporated
Foster Photo Play Company
Foundation Film Corporation
Fox-Case Corporation
Fox Film Corporation
Franco-American Film Company
Franco-British Film Company
Frank Keenan Productions, Incorporated
Frank Lloyd Productions, Incorporated
Frans Lundberg
Frans Wiberg
Fraser Film Release and Photographic Company
F. Ray Comstock Photoplay Company
Fred J. McConnell Productions
Fred Mace Feature Film Company
Fred Thomson Productions
The Frohman Amusement Corporation
F.X.B. Productions
See also:
Fairbanks, Douglas  >  Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation and The Elton Corporation
Farnum, Dustin  >  Dustin Farnum Productions, Incorporated
FBO  >  Film Booking Offices of America, Incorporated
Felner, Peter Paul  >  Peter Paul Felner-Film
Finch, Flora  > Flora Finch Film Company
Fischer Features  >  A.H. Fischer Features, Incorporated
Fitzgerald, Dallas M.  >  Dallas M. Fitzgerald Productions
Fleischer, Max  >  Inkwell Studios, Out of the Inkwell Films, Incorporated, and Red Seal Pictures Corporation
Fleming, J.J.  >  J.J. Fleming Productions
Ford, Francis  >  Fordart Films, Incorporated, and For-Day Productions
Forman, Tom  >  Tom Forman Productions
Frothingham, J.L.  >  J.L. Frothingham Productions
Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  F
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