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Buster Keaton

Born 4 October 1895 in Piqua, Kansas, USA, as Joseph Frank Keaton VI.
Died 1 February 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA, of lung cancer.

Brother of Harry Keaton and Louise Keaton.

Married actress Natalie Talmadge, 31 May 1921; son, Joseph Talmadge Keaton VII (born 2 June 1922; died 14 February 2007); son, Robert Talmadge Keaton (born 3 February 1924); divorced, 25 July 1932.
Married actresss Mae Scriven, 8 January 1933; divorced, 1936.
Married actress Eleanor Ruth Norris, 28 July 1940; until Buster’s death, 1 February 1966.

Buster Keaton began performing in vaudeville as a toddler with father Joe Keaton and mother Myra Keaton in 1896. Began motion picture work with Roscoe Arbuckle for Comique in The Butcher Boy (1917). Keaton suspended his film career to serve in World War I, returning afterwards to his work with Arbuckle. His own series of short film comedies were began in 1920 when Arbuckle went into feature film production.

As a film comedian, he is second only to comedian Charles Chaplin in world popularity today, while Keaton’s feature-length comedy-drama The General (1926) is the single most-popular film of the entire silent era for today’s audiences.

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Book : Arbuckle and Keaton: Their 14 Film Collaborations by James L. Neibaur

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Webpage : NPR’s online audio files of Buster Keaton, recorded in 1962
Silent Era Home Page  >  People  >  Actors  >  Buster Keaton
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