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About the
NTSC Standard
Television Format
The NTSC format (National Television Standards Committee) was the
standard-definition television format for the United States, Canada, Japan,
Mexico and other countries. The NTSC video format definition (as applied to
DVD home video products) is 30 (29.97) interlaced frames per second at
480 vertical lines of resolution per video frame. Each frame is composed of two
fields, consisting of 262.5 scan lines per field for a total of 525 scan lines.

Home video products for use in the United States and Canada needed to be in the
NTSC format to properly display both picture and sound. VHS and DVD home
video products from Europe are manufactured in the PAL television format and
from France and Russia in the SECAM television formats and they will not
properly image on NTSC television systems, as American media producers
in the 1990s successfully pressured disc player manufacturers to restrict playback
access to NTSC discs.

As with other standard television formats, NTSC is being phased out for the
generally universal DVB high-definition format.

More details on the NTSC standard video format may be found on Wikipedia.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  Home Video  >  Info  >  About the NTSC Standard Television Format
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