Poor Daddy  1929


A Chinese silent film about a widower who has married a second wife who mistreats, assault and abuses him for whatever reason. She also has a lover. A criminal and the poor fat husband gets accused of this bad mans actions. Thankfully the widower has a brave little son who wants to help his father out of the situation. This is mostly a comedy with the husband being a man very easy to laugh at and the bad guys very easy to "boooo". The end is a real hight thriller straight out of something Harold Lloyd or Larry Semon would do for their exciting comedies. It might be a little slow at the start, but once it gets rolling this becomes a real sweet movie.



A 1929 B&W silent comedy from Shanghai, describing a vindictive funnyman's efforts to get back at his cheating wife, as aided by his smarter and more moralistic young son. B&W, Silent, with original Chinese and English intertitles.