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Famous Players-Lasky
Type of Company Production and distribution company
Country of Origination United States of America
Years of Operation Formed 28 June 1916
Active 1916 through September 1927
Company Principals Adolph Zukor, president (1916-1927)
Jesse L. Lasky, vice-president (1916-1927)
Frank A. Garbutt (circa 1922)
Cecil B. DeMille, director general (circa 1919 through circa 1922)
Elek John Ludvigh, secretary and treasurer (circa 1922)
Richard W. Saunders, comptroller (circa 1922)
Norman Collyer, assistant secretary (circa 1922)
Henry S. Jacobs (circa 1922)
Ralph A. Kohn (circa 1922)
Frank Meyer (circa 1922)
Eugene Zukor, assistant treasurer (circa 1922)
E.C. King, studio manager, Eastern Studios (circa 1922)
Thomas E. Geraghty, superintendent of production, Eastern Studios (circa 1922)
Charles Eyton, general manager, Lasky Studios (circa 1922)

Board of directors:
Adolph Zukor (circa 1922)
Jesse L. Lasky (circa 1922)
Jules E. Brulatour (circa 1922)
Cecil B. DeMille (circa 1922)
Gayer G. Dominick (circa 1922)
William H. English (circa 1922)
Arthur S. Friend (circa 1922)
Daniel Frohman (circa 1922)
Frank A. Garbutt (circa 1922)
Al E. Kaufman (circa 1922)
Felix E. Kahn (circa 1922)
S.R. Kent (circa 1922)
[?] Frederic or Frederick? G. Lee (circa 1922)
Elek John Ludvigh (circa 1922)
Emil E. Shauer (circa 1922)
Maurice Wertheim (circa 1922)
Theodore E. Whitmarsh (circa 1922)
Sir William Wiseman (circa 1922)
Eugene Zukor (circa 1922)

Executive committee:
Adolph Zukor (circa 1922)
Jesse L. Lasky (circa 1922)
William H. English (circa 1922)
Felix E. Kahn (circa 1922)
S.R. Kent (circa 1922)
[?] Frederic or Frederick? G. Lee (circa 1922)
Elek John Ludvigh (circa 1922)

Company Offices 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, USA (circa 1922-1923)
Company Studios Eastern Studios, Pierce Avenue and Sixth Streets, Long Island, New York, USA (built 1919, active 1919 through circa 1929)

Lasky Studios, 1520 Vine Street, Hollywood, California, USA (circa 1922)

Company Exchanges 33 Orange Street, Albany, New York, USA (circa 1921)
51 Luckie Street, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (circa 1921)
8 Shawnut Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (circa 1921)
145 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York, USA (circa 1921)
28 West 4th Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (circa 1921)
845 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA (circa 1921)
107 West 3rd Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (circa 1921)
811 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (circa 1921)
1902 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas, USA (circa 1921)
1747 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado, USA (circa 1921)
415 West 8th Street, Des Moines, Iowa, USA (circa 1921)
63 Elizabeth Street, Detroit, Michigan, USA (circa 1921)
2024 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri, USA (circa 1921)
112 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, California, USA (circa 1921)
608 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (circa 1921)
132 Meadow Street, New Haven, Connecticut, USA (circa 1921)
814 Perdido Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (circa 1921)
729 7th Avenue, New York, New York, USA (circa 1921)
128 West 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA (circa 1921)
208 South 13th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, USA (circa 1921)
1219 Vine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (circa 1921)
1018 Forbes Street, Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (circa 1921)
3929 Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (circa 1921)
133 East 2nd South Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (circa 1921)
821 Market Street, San Francisco, California, USA (circa 1921)
2017 Third Svenue, Seattle, Washington, USA (circa 1921)
421 10th Street NW, Washington, D.C., USA (circa 1921)

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation was incorporated on 28 June 1916 from the Famous Players-Lasky Film Company, Bosworth, Incorporated, The Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company and Pallas Pictures. Famous Players-Lasky acquired Paramount Pictures Corporation circa September-October 1916.

In what would become a tortuously complex series of intercorporate restructuring from 1916 through 1927, Famous Players-Lasky Corporation was not only a production company, it temporarily also became the official distribution arm for what were previously Paramount lines in circa August 1919, and the Paramount name was reduced to nothing more than a brand name for Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. Along the line, Famous Players had created the Famous Players-Mary Pickford Company briefly in 1916, replaced by the Mary Pickford Film Corporation in August 1916, to produce Mary Pickford films that were distributed by Adolph Zukor-controlled Artcraft Pictures Corporation. In January 1918, Artcraft Pictures became a production brand name for Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. General film distribution was again designated to Paramount Pictures Corporation in the early 1920s. The official production entity for Famous Players-Lasky Corporation was then briefly placed in Paramount Pictures Corporation in early 1927, until the new production entity Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation was created in September 1927.

References: Brownlow-Parade pp. 26, 82, 275, 369, 514; FilmYearBook-1923 p. 385; Miller-Comedies p. 6 : Educational Film Magazine, February 1921, p. 2.

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